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Week of 4/1-4/5

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 2 more weeks until Spring break. We are continuing to work hard!!

Reading: Our two stories for the week will be What a Sight! and Lost in the Museum. Please make sure to read every night!

Phonics: We will be practicing the long I spelled ie and igh this week. We will review adjectives and learn about singular possessives.

Sight words: been first found start together

Spelling words: lie pie night light right been found cat's dog's

Math- We will continue Chapter 9. They are doing a great job with measurement.

Religion- We will continue our Stations of the Cross books.

Science- We will learn about clouds and incorporate a fun experiment!!


We are all set with our Xtra Math program. I have a few IPads in my classroom that we will use to practice with. I encourage the boys and girls to use that at home to practice those facts!

Have a wonderful week! I know we will here :)

Mrs. Rech