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Week of January 7th


Happy New Year!!

We are very busy learners this week:

Reading: We are reviewing short vowels and learning about final and initial blends in words. Our stories this week are "Fox and Bear" and "Look at the Moon".  Our sight words are :   came, know, out, she, there.  We are also learning to use context clues to figure out related words and author meaning.

Spelling words: and, fast, hand, best, must, just

Grammar: We are reviewing nouns (person, places and things).

Math:  We are working on sums to 20, choosing an operation and using related facts.We are also trying the mad minute with sums to 10 to build up our addition facts skills.  Your child will be competing against themselves to improve their speed and accuracy with addition problems with sums to 10. Our Chapter 5 Math test will be Wednesday January 16th.  The review sheet will go home Monday January 14th.

Religion: Learning about gratitude and putting our faith in action ion our everyday life.

Science: Learning all we can about animals in winter and especially polar bears.

Wishing all of you a happy and blessed 2019!

Thank you for all you do with your children to support their learning!

Mary Margaret Redmond