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Trivia Night - Support the SJF Library

Saturday, February 02, 2019
06:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Information for Trivia:



Doors open at 6, Trivia starts at 7:00


BYOEverything - drinks, snacks - maybe something fun to go along with your theme?

(Ice, water and soda will be available)


1. Pick a team name – no restrictions, be creative! You will be rewarded for your efforts.



2. Decorate! Decide on a theme and go for it! Each team will be provided with a fabulous Kane Hall Lunch table for you to accessorize and make your own! (pay no attention to the gum that may be stuck under there)

There will be a special prize for best team name with the most creative decorations.


3. In addition to a Captain, each team will need a scribe and a runner.


Now for the rules!


NO CELL PHONES! There will be a basket at each table, all phones and fancy watches must be in the basket and out of reach during quiz rounds. 


Do not shout out answers.


For each round you will be able to buy one hint and/or one answer if needed (does not apply for bonus rounds)



Round 1 - hint $5      answer $10

Round 2 - hint $10    answer $20



 And....there will be some chances for freebies!


So bring some cash :) because this is a fundraiser and all the $$ will go to the school library!!


*If you have not paid yet you may do so on 2/2 - $30 per person.


**Tables are 8-12 people, max. If you have more than that please let me know before Saturday.