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Manna March Madness

Did you know that ….participating families had tuition rebates in excess of $26,000 last August? 

Did you know that MANNA is a WIN/WIN situation?   Families receive a tuition rebate and the school uses its portion to contain tuition costs and fund the “extras” in technology and other areas that make our school strong?

Did you know that you can access several popular MANNA stores on your phone?  Target, Jewel, Shell, Dunkin Donuts have reloadable cards also. 

Did you know that in addition to the stores listed on the MANNA order, the program offers hundreds of other retailers and services that can be pre-ordered and received in less than one week?  You can even do a Disney Cruise through MANNA.

Did you know we carry Amazon gift cards to facilitate your on-line shopping?

Did you know that you can use your MANNA rebates after your child graduates for high schools or colleges? 

 Did you know you can pre-register and purchase MANNA even before your children are in school? 

If you answered YES to any of the above, you are probably a MANNA regular and have seen how easy it is to reduce your tuition costs by participating in the program.     If you answered NO, we have an offer you cannot refuse!!!


During the month of March, we will have extended SATURDAY MORNING HOURS from 8:30- 9:30 in the convent.   If you schedule Saturday morning for errands, we will be there for you.


We have also identified seven of our most popular stores and are sponsoring a MANNA raffle during March.   Each time you buy a card from Jewel, County Fair, Mariano, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Amazon and Binneys, you will receive a chance on a $50.00 gift card from that store.  The drawing will be help on Wednesday, April 12.

You could win $350.00 just for doing your regular shopping

The fun starts on Wednesday, March 1.   Saturday, March 4 will be the first of our Saturday morning sales hours.   We will also maintain all other sales  hours, (Sat. 8:30-9:30 AND  after 4:00 Mass, Sunday, after 10:00 Mass,  Monday 8-9:30 a.m., Wednesday evening, 6:00-7:30p.m.,  Thursday morning , 8-9:30, and Friday afternoon, 1:00-2:00. ) 

Will you be shopping for Easter or Spring gym shoes?  Check the Kohl’s sales.   You can also pay your Kohl’s credit card bill using MANNA.

Hosting a party for St. Patrick’s Day?   Binny’s rebate is a full 10%!!

The opportunities are endless! 

Start today to save for August and NEVER leave home without your MANNA.

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