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NCAA Tournament Squares

Women's Club is teaming up with Holy Name to sell squares for the NCAA Tournament!  Who doesn't love college basketball at this time of the year.  As many of you know Women's Club and Holy Name Society support various programs in the parish from upgrades to the church/rectory/school, supporting athletic programs and donating to various families in times of need! 
2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Pool
First round 32 Winners $100 Each Winner
Second round 16 winners $150 Each Winner
Third Round 8 Winners $175 Each Winner
Fourth Round 4 Winners $300 Each Winner
Fifth Round Semi Finals(Final Four) 2 Winners $750 Each Winner
2 Half Time winners $150 Each
Sixth Round Final Final Score $2,250
Half Time $250
Reverse Final Score $250
SJF Holy name/Women's 15 %
Please email if you would like a square!!!


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