2018-2019 Objectives

SJF School Advisory Board 2018-19 Objectives

Obviously, it is an exciting and important time in the life of SJF given the ongoing transition of leadership, and the SAB is committed to serving the school and our new principal during this time of change to set us up for long-term success. When we first came together as a group this past September, we established a few primary objectives for this current school year. We think these objectives take advantage of our great mix of backgrounds, talents, and skills and also hopefully reflect the broader priorities of our community:

• Increase transparency and improve awareness of the school board’s involvement in advancing the mission of the school to better engage the community in our work, specifically by (1) creating an immediate and effective mode of communication between the SAB and the broader school and parish communities and (2) notifying SJF stakeholders of and inviting all to SAB meetings

• Appropriately (re-)organize ourselves to better enable us to provide effective, efficient, and onpoint advice and counsel to the administrative leadership of the school and parish, specifically by delegating specific roles and committee work to each of us so that we can start recruiting SJF community members to help tackle specific SAB initiatives and endeavors

• Begin benchmarking achievement across a spectrum of student successes and experiences overlaid with the priorities and concerns of our parents and guardians to form the baseline for a long-term strategic plan, specifically by (1) gathering and analyzing available data on academic progress, past fundraising efforts, and current financial health and (2) holding a series of listening-oriented events with various SJF stakeholder groups