School Advisory Board

Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in the SJF School Advisory Board!

We are truly excited about all of the positive things happening at SJF, especially the energy and awesome potential of our new senior leadership team. This is also an energizing time of transition for the board, having recently added new members and been given a revised direction by the Archdiocese’s Office of Catholic Schools in line with its most recent strategic initiative, Renewal and Hope: A Strategic Plan for Catholic School Vitality. We formed as a board in 2018 and focused on three main goals:

• Increase transparency and improve awareness of the school board’s involvement in advancing the mission of the school to better engage the community in our work, specifically by (1) creating an immediate and effective mode of communication between the SAB and the broader school and parish communities and (2) notifying SJF stakeholders of and inviting all to SAB meetings

• Appropriately (re-)organize ourselves to better enable us to provide effective, efficient, and on point advice and counsel to the administrative leadership of the school and parish, specifically by delegating specific roles and committee work to each of us so that we can start recruiting SJF community members to help tackle specific SAB initiatives and endeavors

• Begin benchmarking achievement across a spectrum of student successes and experiences overlaid with the priorities and concerns of our parents and guardians to form the baseline for a long-term strategic plan, specifically by (1) gathering and analyzing available data on academic progress, past fundraising efforts, and current financial health and (2) holding a series of listening-oriented events with various SJF stakeholder groups

In May 2019, we held roundtable discussions called “Dessert and Discussion.” We are grateful for the feedback thus far and welcome you to join us in our committee work to turn the feedback into action. We are excited to make an impact on SJF and help set the school up for long term success. Our efforts are merely a supplement to the hard work of all of our school’s stakeholders – parents, students, teachers, administrators, parishioners, and alumni alike – whose passion and dedication truly make SJF the beloved community that it is. Your talents, resources, and loyalty are second to none and much appreciated. If we can partner together on this mission, we are confident we can seize the opportunity in front of us to reflect on past success, look to even brighter days in the future, and sustain and grow the many benefits an SJF education bestows upon our students and graduates, and in turn, bestows upon all of us that call this community our home. In that spirit of partnership, please do join us, engage us, work with us, and provide us feedback, so that we know we’re on the right track in our efforts and can provide the best counsel possible to Mrs. Nash and Fr. Ken on behalf of our current and next generations of SJF Falcons.

Also, please keep this page in mind as your “go-to” source of SAB news. We are working to set it up as a portal to better keep everyone informed about what the SAB does, who we are, and how best to be in touch with us. Please navigate around the various sections and links below familiarize yourself with us and our areas of focus. And, as always, should you have any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns that you think we can be helpful in addressing, please feel free to reach out to any one of us individually or via an e-mail to

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