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School Advisory Board Meeting

SJF School Advisory Board (SAB) members have received inquiries regarding our regularly scheduled school board meeting tomorrow and therefore wanted to provide some clarity on the details of the agenda.  As always, members of the parish and school community are welcome to attend the meeting @ 7 PM on 12/4 in the school library.  The main agenda items are as follows:


·         Guests (15-30 Minutes) – Allow forum for non-school board to share feedback to inform SAB goals/objectives. Format is for guests to share ideas briefly for SAB to build into committee work.  Summary of SAB purpose is to collaborate with the leadership team for development and oversight of the school’s fidelity to mission, academic excellence, and operational vitality.  Please note: Visitors may not discuss issues of school personnel, an individual family or a particular student’s needs. These topics are not the focus of the SAB and should be directed to Fr. Ken and/or principal. You can also email @ to provide input outside of this meeting.

·         Pastor Update (15 Minutes)

·         Committee Breakouts (60 Minutes) – Prioritize next steps to advance committee ideas focused on Mission, Communication, and Strategic Plan.


When this Board came together this September, we decided our #1 goal is to increase transparency to ensure parents, faculty, and staff are working together to help SJF reach short and long term goals regarding the success and well-being of our students.  One way we want to help with that is to openly share meeting notes and committee goals via the SJF website under the Organizations Tab. Our monthly meetings to date focused on the following:

·         Introductions – Please see board member bios @

·         Training from the Archdiocese – A Leadership Manual for Effective Catholic Elementary School Boards

·         Kick-off of committee work prioritizing 3 top committees (Mission, Communication, Strategic Planning).


Should you have any additional questions or want to volunteer to help us in our efforts, please feel free to contact any one of us or use  Thank you!

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