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"Secrets of Bearhaven" Author Comes to St. John Fisher School


The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders had such a treat on Thursday morning as author, K. E. Rocha, visited the library.  Each grade had a 45 minute interactive presentation.  She started the presentation by reading the first chapter of her book "Secrets of Bearhaven." Students learned bear language and information about bears.  They played true or false and learned how the author creates her books. Our own budding authors asked really good questions during the Q&A portion.  One student asked "Are your going to write any more books?" The author responded that there are currently four books in the Bearhaven series.  Right now she would like to continue to write more Bearhaven books but she has to see how the first four books sell.  If the books do well there could be a possibility of a movie too. Another student asked, "Why did you write about bears?" The author answered that bears are really intelligent animals.  She worked with a biologist and a linguist who knew all about bears to help her with the book.

During her presentation, Ms. Rocha shared that famous author J. K. Rowling inspired her when J.K. Rowling visited the author’s school when she was in the 6th grade.  I know she inspired our Fisher Falcons too!  Who knows, maybe someday we will be listening to one of them tell us about their book that they wrote and that K. E. Rocha inspired them.  Each student received a signed bookmark as an end to an amazing visit.  

If you would like to order a personalized signed copy of her 1st or 2nd book, click on the link here and return to school as soon as possible.  Each book is $10.00 and all orders are due no later than Thursday, October 20th.  

Click here for picture's from K.E. Rocha's visit.

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