Youth Ministry Ski Trip

It was brought to my attention yesterday, January 14th, that many of the 7th and 8th grade students were unaware of the details of our upcoming Ski Trip. Last night, in a few short hours, I received over twenty late requests to attend the trip. I have struggled with the decision to accommodate everyone, as all the final paperwork is complete, chaperones and buses have been set, and we are all ready to go. This would certainly toss all things up in the air. Information for this trip has been in the church bulletin since the beginning of December, I posted in the FSA at SJF Facebook Group, as well as advertised on social media. Considering this trip is for the young people, to get to know them, and introduce them to our SJF/MHR Youth Ministry Program, I have decided to be flexible in accepting forms well after the due date (January 2) but I am going to need your help to make this possible. If your son/daughter is still interested in attending the ski trip with us, I need a parent to bring payment in the form of check (made out to MHR) or cash to the rectory tomorrow, Wednesday, January 16th, between the hours of 6PM and 8PM. Please bring a pen and be prepared to fill out three forms while you are there. Please bring your insurance card as well. Sign up needs to happen during this time frame for this to be possible. Please understand after 8PM no other late requests will be honored. Once you turn in your forms and money there will be no refunds. No exceptions. So let’s pray for snow and get everyone registered ASAP. Thank you,

Kim Madonia
Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
St. John Fisher/Most Holy Redeemer Youth Ministry

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