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  • Notes from Mrs. Nash 10.16.20

    Dear SJF Families, This week marks the half-way point in our first trimester. Together, we are doing truly amazing things. Though this school year looks...
  • Rosary Challenge

    Commit to Praying the Rosary with Us! October 28th - December 12th, 2020
  • HSPT Prep Course Registration

    An HSPT Entrance Exam Prep course will be offered to interested 8th grade students. Our instructors will review all 5 sections of the exam---Verbal Skills,...
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Mrs. Maura Nash

Mrs. Maura Nash, Principal

October 16, 2020

Dear SJF Families, This week marks the half-way point in our first trimester. Together, we are doing truly amazing things. Though this school year looks incredibly different, our kids arrive each day with a smile on their face and eager to learn. They happily follow all of our strict COVID guidelines and make the most out of their day regardless of the abnormality of our world. Our kids are missing out on many of the activities both in and out of school that make SJF so unique, yet they continue to be resilient, energetic, fun and kind. Our students are adaptable, hard-working and eager to try new things and accept the challenges that lie ahead. This is a tribute to all of you. Thank you for raising these remarkable children and entrusting them to us. As I tell the kids each morning, we are faith-filled falcons who are making this world a better place. Together, we’ve got this! Thank you for your commitment to Catholic education, but specifically St. John Fisher.  In unity and hope, -Mrs. Maura Nash     


Falcon of the Week

PJ Carey & Elliot McGann, 2nd graders

Our school theme is “Fly Like a Falcon.” At school, we are intentionally discussing what it means to be a falcon. Falcons soar above, capturing an aerial view of what is going on below. We are encouraging our school community to “soar above” things that might bring us down, not allowing us to be our best selves. We are on a school-wide crusade to “Fly Like a Falcon,” lifting one another up, celebrating the positive interactions and kind behavior that our students and staff demonstrate each and every day. Elliot and PJ are fantastic candidates for our falcon of the week initiative. Last week in the late afternoon, when our extended day program was coming to a close, Elliot and PJ were riding their bikes around campus. They noticed Mrs. O’Grady beginning to pick up sidewalk chalk and other toys that our extended day students were using. Elliot and PJ immediately hopped off their bikes and asked Mrs. O’Grady if they could help her clean up the chalk and toys. They were both so eager and happy to help Mrs. O’Grady and did so without being asked. Elliot and PJ are quick to say hello to their teachers and friends and always try their best to do the right thing. Thank you Elliot and PJ for making us smile each day and for taking the initiative to help others all on your own. You are setting such a great example for all the falcons on campus. ”Keep flying like falcons, boys. You’re making a difference!”    READ MORE