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The goal of the curriculum at St. John Fisher School is to develop skills in and appreciation for language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, computer science and physical education. Religious education is at the core of the curriculum at St. John Fisher School. In addition to daily formal religious instruction, Catholic Christian values enhance all areas of the school program. Liturgy, prayer and an emphasis on Christian service and stewardship are vital components of the religious education program.

Our curriculum is designed to enable the St. John Fisher graduate to be a Christian person:

• Who is aware and convinced of God’s love and who freely responds to that love in the decisions and actions of life • Who has acquired self-sufficiency and the ability to work independently in all disciplines

• Who can use his or her analytic and creative capabilities to make wise decisions based on Christian values

• Who is literate and an effective communicator in an increasingly complex technological society

• Who is an independent thinker and problem solver who works to be a contributing member of society, and

• Who has a never-ending curiosity, wonder and appreciation for the world.