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ACT Aspire Testing

Dear SJF Parents,

This year schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago will once again be administrating the ACT Aspire Summative assessment in grades 3 through 8. These assessments will be given during the month of April and you will receive additional information about them in early 2019. 

ACT Aspire also provides opportunities for students to complete ACT Aspire Interim assessments at several points during the school year. By the end of October each of our SJF students in grades 3-8 will have the opportunity to complete their first interim exams in Math and Reading. These assessments will be given online and will provide instructors with immediate feedback. Each test will take about 45 minutes to complete. The results of the exams will help teachers understand what students have learned and help them plan for additional steps for classroom instruction.

We plan on giving a second round of ACT Aspire Interim exams during the winter months which will help teachers gain a better since of student progress. These assessments will not impact a student’s grade in any course. 

At home please take time to read with your children as much as possible in the months ahead. For additional information on reading to your children, please take a few minutes to view this TED TALK ( Finally, please encourage students to get a good night’s rest prior to testing and to eat a healthy breakfast the day of testing. 

General information on the ACT Aspire assessment can be found here;

Our test dates are as follows:




Third Grade

Friday, 10/12

Friday, 10/19

Fourth Grade

Thursday, 10/11

Thursday, 10/18

Fifth Grade

Friday, 10/12

Friday, 10/19

Sixth Grade

Tuesday, 10/9

Tuesday, 10/16

Seventh Grade

Friday, 10/12

Friday, 10/19

Eighth Grade

Friday, 10/12

Friday, 10/19

Thank You,

Jim Fornaciari


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