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SJFS Students and Teachers

Tuition & Fees

2019-2020 Tuition Policy 

Prompt payment of all school bills is essential to the smooth operation of the school.  Tuition bills must be paid by the fifteenth (15th) day of each month.  A credit card may be used to pay tuition in the school office or through our website.  There is a link off of the homepage.  The finance committee of the School Board, as directed by the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools, has initiated the following regulations for delinquent tuition:

  • Report cards will be withheld for families who have an outstanding tuition balance, past due 60 days or more, at the end of the trimester  This balance must be paid at least one (1) week prior to report card distribution.
  • Transcripts and diplomas will be withheld for students with an outstanding tuition balance in excess of 30 days.
  • Children will not be allowed to attend class and parents will be called to pick up students if the family has an outstanding tuition balance greater than 60 days past due, unless other arrangements have been approved.
  • After June 1st any family that has an outstanding tuition balance will not be considered registered for the following school year.
  • A $20.00 fee will be charged for any NSF check returned to the school.  If more than two (2) checks have been returned during the course of the school year, cash or money order payments for the balance of the year will be required.
  • Because school fees cover the cost of consumable materials, fees paid on School Fees Day in August are non-refundable once the school year has begun.
  • All checks will be deposited when received.  Post-dated checks will not be accepted.

These policies will be strictly enforced unless families have made an appointment with the school business manager for payment arrangements.

Report cards will not be given to students who have overdue books from the school library.
It is important to be aware that by using the MANNA program, tuition credits may be obtained to significantly reduce families’ tuition.


K through 8th grades     
$ 220.00
Part-Time Pre-school - 3 day
Part-Time Pre-school - 5 day
$ 125.00
$ 175.00
Daily Full-Time Pre-school
$ 200.00


$ 25.00
Lunchroom Supervision (full time student)
$ 20.00
Technology Fee Full Time Pre-School
$ 100.00
Technology Fee Part-Time Pre-School
$ 75.00
Mandatory Fundraising Fee (per family)
$ 175.00
New Family Fee (paid only once)
$ 25.00


At registration, families of all preschoolers, kindergarteners and students new to St. John Fisher School, will be asked to pay a deposit of $50.00 per child. This registration deposit will be deducted as a credit on the family’s book day tuition statement. A one-time New Family Fee of $25.00 will be charged to a family entering St. John Fisher School.

Fundraising: Every family is required to pay a $175.00 mandatory fundraising fee. The on-line magazine/Beverly Review sale can be used to earn a rebate on that fee.

Each year the St. John Fisher School Board works to create a budget that supports the educational programs at the school.     Participation in the various fundraising events, especially the MANNA program.
Tuition payments are made over a nine (10) month period, with the first month’s tuition (and all fees) due, for each family, on August 15th. This first payment is considered September’s payment and the last monthly payment is due in May.     


1 F/T Student
2 F/T Students
3 F/T Students
4 or more F/T Students
Full time 3 day Preschool
Part time 3 day Preschool 
Part time 5 day Preschool
Daily Full-Time Preschool