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Friday Thoughts October 6 2017

Posted on Oct 06, 2017

Dear Falcon Families,

Progress reports on Wednesday affirm that for the vast majority of our students, the year is off to a great start.   Thank you for continuing to encourage student success by checking the assignment book/ planner, looking at Powerschool, encouraging “screen free time” to read, and most important, praising best efforts. 

We had a great homecoming weekend.  Thanks to all who came for the parade and games and to all who helped organize the event.   I am sure people from 95th - 115th streets heard the cheer of the crowds in the gym during the pep rally.  We are so proud of our Falcon Spirit.

Next Saturday, October 14, we will salute our girls’ basketball teams at “Pack the House”.   Please stop in the gym to see some terrific competition featuring our very talented teams.  GO LADY FALCONS!

Please review the activities we sent yesterday about various parish opportunities available this weekend.  I would especially encourage you to come for the 10:00 Mass where our youngest church goers can attend “Children’s Liturgy of the Word”.   If you have seen the participants walk through church on the way to the “service” you would swear they are wearing halos!   It is really a very special time for them and for you to have a few quiet moments in Church.  

Thanks for your generous support of the Souper Bowl Challenge.   I learned at a principal’s meeting yesterday that the Archdiocesan effort by our schools to stock the Catholic Charities Food Pantries has almost reached its goals.   Our final pick up will be next Thursday, so if you are still able to contribute the food item assigned to your grade, we would be most grateful.  (I was SO proud when the driver from Catholic Charities came for our first pick-up.   He was amazed at the amount we had to fill up his truck… THANK YOU!)

We will again be participating in the Beverly Review subscription drive.  (Everyone loves to read the “BEV. REV.”)    The school will receive a portion of each new or renewed subscription. Here is a flyer with the details Please clip off the bottom of the flyer and return it with your check to the school.  (Sorry, but we are not able to use online payments for this.)

October 15 is by state law, the deadline for all student medical records to be complete.    You have received notification from Mrs. Murray if your student’s medical file is not up to date.   The law also mandates that children need to be kept out of school if the records are incomplete.   If you have a question or concern, please let us know. 

Next Wednesday, parents of our eighth graders will meet in Kane Hall to begin planning all of the “rites of passage” that make this a special year for the members of the class of 2018.  The meeting is in Kane Hall at 7:00.

If you choose to be a volunteer at St. John Fisher and have not completed the “Protecting God’s Children” program, please remember that we will host the training session next Saturday morning in Kane Hall. Click here to register.  Archdiocesan Policy mandates that all school volunteers, even field trip chaperones must complete this program. 

Our “Going Green” tuition invoicing system seems to be working.   Remember, tuition is due on or before October 15 and can be paid by mail, in person, or online.  If you haven’t received an invoice, please email

Enjoy the three day weekend ahead.