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Quinn Collins, 7th Grade

Posted on Nov 22, 2021

One of our school themes is “Fly Like a Falcon”. Falcons SOAR above, capturing an aerial view of what is going on below. We are encouraging our school community to “SOAR above” things that might bring us down, not allowing us to be our best selves. We are on a school-wide crusade to “Fly Like a Falcon”, lifting one another up, celebrating the positive interactions, and kind behavior that our students and staff demonstrate each and every day. This week we recognize 7th grader, Quinn Collins.

Quinn is a member of our S.O.A.R. program and hands down one of the most positive and enthusiastic kids you will ever meet! Quinn is kind, thoughtful, and empathetic. He is passionate about helping others, especially those in his community. In January, SJF will roll out Quinn’s monthly charity fundraising plan that will specifically benefit charities that have touched students and/or families in our community. Quinn takes initiative and makes every effort to make not only a big impact on his community, but also to make the lives of his teachers and peers better every single day. Quinn leads with integrity and humor which no doubt adds to his overall success in his ability to connect with and positively influence others. Quinn, you are a wonderful role model to us all. Keep flying like a Falcon. You are making a difference!