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Ben Schreiber, 7th Grade

Posted on Nov 22, 2021

One of our school themes is “Fly Like a Falcon”. Falcons SOAR above, capturing an aerial view of what is going on below. We are encouraging our school community to “SOAR above” things that might bring us down, not allowing us to be our best selves. We are on a school-wide crusade to “Fly Like a Falcon”, lifting one another up, celebrating the positive interactions, and kind behavior that our students and staff demonstrate each and every day. This week we recognize 7th grader Ben Schreiber. One of Ben’s fellow 7th grade classmates suffered from a badly broken leg this school year. Ben has been an amazing friend to him for the past several months. He carried his books every single day without question and made sure he had all of the necessary supplies. Initially Ben stayed in the classroom to eat lunch with him so that he wasn’t lonely. Shortly there after Ben was also able to corral the rest of the boys in their homeroom to do the same. The cool thing about Ben is that being kind and thoughtful just comes naturally. I don’t know if Ben would label this behavior as anything special at all. It is just how he is. However, Ben’s teachers and I think he’s quite special and are grateful for this daily reminder of what it means to be selfless, kind and thoughtful. Ben always puts everyone else before himself. That characteristic is commendable. Thank you Ben for being a kind and humble role model and leader for us all to follow and learn from. Keep flying like a Falcon, Ben. You sure are making a difference! *I’d like to give a special shout-out to Ben’s friend, Eamon Griffin, too. Eamon your resiliency, mental toughness and positive outlook are admirable. We are so proud of you and thankful you are on the mend!