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Frank Warszalek Kindergarten

Posted on Nov 20, 2022

One of our school themes is “Fly Like a Falcon”. Falcons SOAR above, capturing an aerial view of what is going on below. We are encouraging our school community to “SOAR above” things that might bring us down, not allowing us to be our best selves. We are on a school-wide crusade to “Fly Like a Falcon”, lifting one another up, celebrating the positive interactions, and kind behavior that our students and staff demonstrate each and every day. This week, we recognize Kindergartener, Frankie Warszalek, Frankie is working so hard at being a kind and positive leader for his friends. Frankie is thoughtful and goes out of his way to help his classmates and teacher. He consistently asks Mrs. Fanjoy if she needs help with anything. Whenever a classmate needs a supply, he lends his. When someone drops something, he is the first to pick it up. He tries his best to follow all of the rules throughout the day and is always encouraging his friends to do their best too. Frankie is overly polite and greets all of his friends and the adults in the building by name. He also has a great sense of humor! When I asked Frankie what his secret was, he said, "I just love my friends and want everyone to be happy." What a way to approach life! Thank you, Frankie for being so kind and such a good friend to all. You are a role model to us and we are so lucky you are a Falcon. Keep flying like a Falcon, Frankie. You make SJF better every day!