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Our Drama Club

Posted on Nov 20, 2022

One of our school themes is “Fly Like a Falcon”. Falcons SOAR above, capturing an aerial view of what is going on below. We are encouraging our school community to “SOAR above” things that might bring us down, not allowing us to be our best selves and to be mindful of those around us who might need our help and support. We are on a school-wide crusade to “Fly Like a Falcon”, lifting one another up, celebrating the positive interactions, and kind behavior that our students and staff demonstrate each and every day. This week, we recognize Kindergarten student, Danny Broderick. Danny Broderick has a big, kind heart and at the tender age of 6 is able to anticipate the needs of others. Danny is always helping his classmates throughout the day. Whether it is throwing out garbage someone accidentally dropped, making sure his table partners are on the right page in their math book or letting someone borrow a supply, Danny is always quietly looking out for the needs of others. Danny also loves having fun and is often the life of the lunch table or playground! Thank you, Danny, for bringing such positive and fun energy to your class and to our school. We love how you look out for others. Keep flying like a Falcon, Danny! You are making a difference!