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Fisher Fest and Gym Uniforms Update

A friendly reminder: Purchase your raffle ticket now to be eligible for the special School Family Raffle…two mega bracelets and $30.00 in food tickets (value is more than $100.00). The drawing will be held at the parish picnic on Sunday at noon at Beverly Park. Tickets are available at school, at the rectory, or online at the Fisher Fest Website. If you would like us to send your ticket, send a check ($100.00) to school and we will send home your ticket. You will automatically be entered into the school family raffle.

Mega bracelet sales are: Monday, Sept.11, 2:30-3:30 in the school lobby outside of the office Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2:30-3:30 in the school lobby Wednesday, Sept. 13, 5:00-8:00 in Kane Hall.

Remember the mega bracelet allows you to ride all day everyday and is a real bargain for those who will be at the fest often during the weekend. Please note there are height restrictions mandated by the carnival company for some of the “big rides.” A measuring stick is available at mega bracelet sales. Please also note that weekend mega bracelets cannot be sold after Wednesday night so it is very important to purchase them at the times listed above. (Please tell also tell neighbors and friends from other parishes about the mega bracelet cutoff day.)

We are in need of more volunteers in several spots during the weekend. A signup sheet is available here.  The fest is a huge undertaking and relies on the generous response of many helpers… Thanks in advance for the two or three hours you might be able to give during the weekend. New families, volunteering at the fest is a great way to meet new friends with whom your children will be going to school for many years.

Finally, if you ordered a gym uniform and were not able to pick it up last night, please email Mr. Nitsche at He will make arrangements for a convenient pick up time for you.

Our first all school Mass of the year is on Friday at 1:15. All are welcome.

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