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SJFS Students and Teachers

Online Manna Program

We are excited to be piloting a new program that will allow you to order Manna right from your phone! This program will not replace the traditional Manna program, that will remain the same. This is a new addition to Manna family. Once registered for the online program you will be able to purchase Manna for many stores and use those purchases within minutes of ordering them. There are two different ways of doing this. One will be ordering a “ScripNow” gift card that will allow you to purchase a gift card that is redeemable right from your phone. The other way of ordering will allow you to “reload” a physical gift card for additional purchases. The special reloadable gift cards can be purchased through and then reloaded through your phone.

How does it work?

After going through the sign up process you will be able to login to to order and redeem gift cards. As part of the registration process you will need to setup a PrestoPay account that will directly link with your checking account. Items ordered through will be automatically deducted from your checking account through PrestoPay. PrestoPay is a secure payment system that is very similar to PayPal. When ordering you will notice that there is a percentage discount listed per each store. St John Fisher splits this discount 40/60 with you, meaning that you will receive 60% of the discount and St. John Fisher will receive 40% of the discount. For example if you purchase 100 dollars worth of gift cards that offers a 10% discount, you will receive a $6.00 credit and St. John Fisher will receive $4.00. Some percentages will vary from the traditional Manna rebate. Please note that will charge a 15 cent convenience fee per transaction.