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1. You buy gift certificates and shop with them. Hundreds of retail establishments available.

2. The store/brand/restaurant gives a percentage of the card value to SJF (2-14%). N) COST TO YOU!

3. You get 60% of the store rebate credited to your tuition at SJF, high school or college.

4. SJF gets 40% of the store rebate towards meeting operational costs.

How Do I Get Started?


For traditional Manna “Cash and Carry Program”, simply stop in to buy and you will be supporting our Local Businesses! Win-Win!

1. Complete and turn in Manna Program Sign Up Sheet or Complete Online Sign-up Sheet.

2. Print Out Order Form to Purchase Local Gift Certificates. Manna Form. Stop in to buy.


Go to shopwithscrip or download Raise Right Mobile App To purchase physical cards, eCertificates or reloadable gift or WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME:

1. Complete and turn in Manna Program Sign Up Sheet or Complete Online Sign-up Sheet.

2. Email for SJF Enrollment Number.

3. Create Account on (We recommend you input phone number so the Manna team can easily link your online account to their records for payouts).

4. Set up Online Payment (makes the process as smooth as Venmo)

a. Instantly link your account in a matter of minutes for over 9500 banks and credit unions.

b. Choose to pay securely from your checking or savings account.

c. Pay a small $.15 fee on each transaction.

5. Shop current bonuses to maximize earnings.

Reminders for Online Orders:

· Orders placed on shopwithscrip site for physical cards can be picked up during Manna hours or sent home with students. Place order by 10 AM on Sundays and gift cards will be ready starting Wednesday evening.

Added Convenience for online orders: Request for physical cards ordered to be sent home from school:

· If you would like orders to be sent home with your child, PLEASE SUBMIT: Manna Waiver Form. Submitted this form will signal to the Manna team that you’d like ALL orders to be sent home from school.

· Place order by 10 AM on Sundays on Raise Right APP or shopwithscrip site and gift cards will be sent home on THURSDAYS. If you miss that deadline, your order will be sent home the following Thursday.

· Note: if this is the method you choose, all orders submitted and paid for will be delivered this way. If you decide to revert back to picking up your orders at the convent, please email to be removed from the “Send Home” list.

· Tip: Use Reminders on shopwithscrip site under “Dashboard – Account Settings – Reminders.” You can set up a Shopping Cart with regular orders to easily submit with a few clicks.

Email with any questions.

What is Our Goal?

· Manna is our #1 School Fundraiser. Tuition alone does not cover the school’s expenses. SJF proceeds from Manna help to make up the difference between operating costs and tuition. Participation is necessary and appreciated to balance school budget and maintain competitive tuition rates.

· We need to increase participation especially for school families to enable SJF to be accessible & affordable to all families, for generations to come. Given that, it is a mandatory program starting in the 2020/2021 School Year. The school fundraising requirement per family is to raise $300 FOR THE SCHOOL through manna sales. Deadline for earnings the 2020-2021 School Year is April 30th at 2 PM. Meeting this requirement would result in about a $450 tuition credit for you each year. For school families, your individual earnings will be reflected on your “Book Day” Tuition Bill in August.

· Each family doing their part and meeting their requirement will raise $100,000 annually for the school and will directly benefit the students of SJF.

· What if I can’t meet the requirement? If the requirement is more than you normally spend, just do your best to participate regularly. Any participation is valuable to the school, we will review results and follow-up with individuals that have not met the requirement. Any shortage to the minimum $300 Manna contribution will be billed the school family and due by May 15th.


MANNA Sales Hours at the Convent (Corner of 102nd and Fairfield) every day except Tuesday.

o Mondays: 8 – 9:30 AM

o Wednesdays: 6 – 7:30 PM

o Thursdays: 8 - 9:30 AM

o Fridays: 2 - 3 PM

o Saturdays: 8:30- 9:30 AM

o Sundays: 10:30M -11:30 PM o Please contact us at with any questions.

o Note: We ask that you follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks.


That’s entirely up to you, and your dedication to the program. A few examples of success: some couples participated in our program for years before their first child enters school. Grandparents, Aunts Uncles can also participate and it ADDS up FAST. For one family that dedication resulted in starting school with a tuition credit of $3400. Some families carry over credits to save for high school and college. Typical credit earned each year for strong participants range from $450-$1300 individual credit per year.