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Own It Chicago Summer Programs

Dear Parents,

I'm passing along information from the "Own It Chicago" program.  We have hosted the workshop here for our students, and it has gotten very positive reviews from parents and students.

The workshop includes hands-on organizational, time management, and study skill strategies, together with collaborative lessons that facilitate problem solving and address "what if?" scenarios.


Deliverables to the Student:

  1. Identification-  the student understands his/her strengths and weaknesses, and how they may be evolving

  2. Distraction- the student reassesses what constitutes a distraction/impediment from their tasks

  3. Accomplishment-  the student addresses tasks in a timely manner

  4. Empowerment- the student begins each day acknowledging and planning for what lies ahead


Deliverables to the Parent:

  1. An independent child

  2. A more confident child

  3. A child who is better prepared to speak with his/her teachers in a constructive way

Own It has already hosted 15 workshops in the past year. Below is a parent testimonial after a successful workshop:
“My daughter really enjoyed herself and took away many, many new strategies and a positive/productive outlook. This program is amazing!” Parent (J. Berten)

We believe that our students could benefit from this workshop. The Own It team is passionate about helping students better understand how they learn and how successful students utilize their time. To learn more about the diverse background of our team, please visit If you would like to talk to a team member about our program, please call 773-450-4714.




Moira Borkovec Nichole Carey Sarah

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