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PRO LABORE DEI Mothers Day Collection

We would like to put together gift bags for the moms and dads who attend our mission.  
This month We are collecting for  Mother’s Day. Please drop at rectory by small gift bags or gift cards by Friday, May 11th - suggested gifts include soaps, lotions, shower gels, fragrance sprays, deodorants, 
nail polish, manicure cards (pamper yourself items which the ladies rarely receive). Or you can just drop off the items and we will put the bags together with the collection of items received, whichever you prefer. All items can be dropped off at the rectory.
Thank you all so much for your thoughtfulness, generosity and support of Pro Labore Dei and the families of Rob-
bins! If you have any questions, please contact Pam O’Mara (773) 612-0281.
Note We will be doing a Father’s Day collection in June: Drop off Date: June 15th - men’s soaps, deodorant, lotions, (the sprays!), shaving 
creams, socks, gift cards. 
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