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Pro Labore Dei Thanksgiving Collection

Pro Labore Dei will be collecting groceries for Thanksgiving dinners for the impoverished families in Robbins. If you would like to help, please fill a shopping bag with handles with the attached items and drop at rectory no later than Friday, November 16th. Giveaway day is November 17th. A monetary donation can also be made and is appreciated and we'll do the shopping. Thank you all so much for your generosity.  (We've estimated each bag should cost approx. $20 with generic items). 

Grocery List:  


  • 2 cans each of: Corn, Sweet potatoes, Green beans or Peas, Cranberry Sauce, & Gravy
  • 1 Large box of instant mashed potatoes 
  • 2 boxes/bags of Stuffing mix
  • A non-perishable dessert such as a tin of fancy cookies or chocolates, etc. 
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