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SJFS Students and Teachers

Meeting Schedule

SJF School Board Agenda_9/7/19 @ 7 PM in the School Library


1.       Principal Update (5 Minutes)

2.       Pastor Update (5 Minutes)

3.       Administrative Updates (15 Minutes)

a.       SAB By-Laws recirculated for refresh/new members (Joe)

b.       Signed Confidentiality Agreements for New Members (Carrie)

4.       Notes from last meeting – Summary of Brainstorm on new year goals (Carrie)

5.       Review and finalize Committee Assignments and Goals (45 Minutes) (Joan)

              a.  Strategic Planning Committee provides advice regarding long-range goal setting and

            benchmarking to ensure the constant improvement and related sustainability and vitality

            of the school.

b.       Fiscal Management Committee:  Monitors school finances and physical resources.

c.       Communications and Marketing Committee:  Promotes transparency and active, efficient dialogue among School and Parish stakeholder and monitors marketing and enrollment initiatives in the public realm.

d.       Mission Effectiveness Committee:  Ensures that Catholic mission/identity, vision, and faith-based core values are present in the School.

6.       Next Steps/Closing (15 Minutes) (Joan)

a.       October focus – Committee Meetings

b.       October 30th (tentative) – Desserts and Discussion with Faculty and Staff

c.       November 12th Board Meeting – Committee Report-Outs (Goals/Progress, timeline, involvement of other parishioners)

Please email Carrie  at if you have an agenda item you would like to add.  

SJF School Advisory Board Meeting Schedule


The SAB normally holds a minimum of six meetings of the full board per year, typically the first Tuesday of every other month at 7pm in the school library unless otherwise noted on the school calendar or via an e-mail update to the school community. The intervening months are reserved for meetings of the various SAB committees. 
Unless noted as an executive session only, full board meetings consist of two sessions: one open to community members and one closed to just board members. We will always start the meeting with the open session to accommodate our welcomed guests at a set time. The standing agenda for the open portion of the meeting will typically be as follows:

• Opening prayer

• Review of meeting norms and agenda

• Review and approval of past minutes

• Review of and response to previous guest comments / promised SAB feedback

• Invitation and discussion, if appropriate, of new guest comments and concerns

• Pastor’s report

• Principal’s report

• Committee reports

• Other ad hoc new business

• Dismissal to closed session

The SAB will seek to publish the specific agenda and any supplemental notes or prep materials for each full board meeting at least seven days, and never less than three days, in advance via the linked documents section on this SAB web page as well as via the school messenger e-mail system.