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Trait of the Week Program

A note from Mrs. Carey - The Trait of the Week Program

As we progress on our e-learning journey we continue to grow in ways we may never have fathomed. With growth often comes growing pains; our patience has been challenged, our thresholds met, and our feelings of worry exacerbated. It is likely our children are feeling similarly but unable to articulate these unfamiliar feelings. We can help them make sense of this difficult time by assisting them in naming and acknowledging their feelings and strengthening the character traits that will help them cope with difficult emotions like disappointment and uncertainty. Character traits such as optimism, perseverance, gratitude, integrity, kindness and empathy can be exercised and strengthened, similar to a muscle. Introducing and consciously integrating these traits into our day-to-day practices fosters positive, principled, self-directed development as well social-emotional intelligence.

This past Monday, April 27th, we began a program that encourages this character development and social emotional learning. The Trait of the Week Program highlights a character trait, defines the importance of the given trait and describes ways in which we can incorporate and practice that skill in our day-to-day life. Every Monday the Trait of the Week will be posted on Mrs. Carey’s blog as well as all SJF social media accounts. Corresponding read-alongs and art projects will accompany each weekly post. 

Taking time to integrate social-emotional learning into our family’s routine will help our students navigate this difficult time, while also preparing them for future obstacles. I hope you and your family will take note and participate in the Trait of the Week Program.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at


Mrs. Nichole Carey, MEd, LPC Assistant Principal of Student Support, School Counselor

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